Inquiry Object for Forms

Add an inquiry object to your Lead/Contact layouts in Salesforce from marketing inquiries.

Marketing platforms are great for inbound inquiries, but when a customer has multiple inquiries, they get lost in the shuffle. With our custom built module, your reps can stay at the top of all inquires in the CRM. At the same time, management can make sure all inquiries are followed upon in a timely manor.

Full Details of the Inquiry

Lead and Contact records can be full of data without the rep knowing what was exactly submitted via the inquiry. With our module, your reps can see all the fields submitted in every inquiry, every time.  

Full Reporting within the CRM

It is important that marketing and management knows what has  and has not been followed up on. We can create flows to make sure alerts, tasks, and other followup SLAs are followed. Every inquiry it its own record. If the inquiry needs to be reassigned, it can with one click in the CRM. 

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This plug-in is meant for Salesforce. Data can be fed from Pardot or Hubspot

Package & Install Cost: Starting $250

All Installs are tailored to the customer based on their needs. Cost is priced per org.

All. Services. $1,000/mo.

No strings attached. All managed services for Salesforce, Hubspot, and Account Engagement (Pardot).

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